Can't find a certain part for your vehicle? Maybe the prices aren't what you want to pay? We have loads of parts for MANY european makes, and we most likely have/can find the part you need for a great price. So shoot us a email, or give us a call; you can even contact us through our Facebook Page!


[European Parts/Service worldwide] Do you have an imported euro, or a vintage model that you just can't find parts for locally? We have sister companies in several countries overseas that can help us find you most any parts that may not be available to you otherwise. Simply call or email us with your VIN and any specific information about your vehicle; to inquire so we can help get you on the road with the correct quality parts!

Used and New parts available upon request. Our inventory is filled with many parts from interior, to exterior, mechanical, and electrical. Many hard to find parts for SAAB and Volvo: old and newer models. Compatible parts, cross referenced parts, our catalog and staff knowledge has the insight to get you all form/fitting units that will work for your auto! 

We offer only THE BEST and NUMBER ONE battery out there: INTERSTATE! If you have a question about your battery, or if you think your battery is running low: come on down and see us so we can check it out. We will put a voltage tester on your battery, and check for proper CCA's, or parasitic draws; and even let you know exactly what is causing the battery to be faulty. We will also check the battery acid levels, and adjust them as well as clean/seal your terminals if needed. If you end up needing a new battery we'll be happy to replace it!

         European Motors Inc. in Newport News


Do you need a Part? We have various parts for Volvo, SAAB, Volkswagen and Audi! We have Mechanical Parts, Interior and Exterior Parts and just about anything you need for these cars. Shoot us an email or give us a call if you need a part; we usually have them all stocked and ready to be shipped same day if orders are placed before 4:00 pm. You don't even need a part number as long as you know the year, make, and model.


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